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Providing education & inspiration to our youth based on our patriotic heritage and the sacrifices made by veterans to preserve our freedoms.

Who is?

 Heritage Collection Museum, Inc. (HCMI), a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation that has a great story it wishes to share with the American public and especially children.  HCMI control several hundred unique artifacts that are unduplicated in any known US museum.  The military and social artifacts are partially inventoried and not yet appraised.  The artifacts include mostly military personal equipment and apparel plus some non-military, but many are unique items.  The military helmet grouping being with exact replicas of BC and Greek and Roman Etruscan metallic helmets and ends with an actual US space helmet that was used by NASA Mercury 7 astronauts in their training.  The collection reveals the chronology of the development of life support equipment that met the demands placed on the warrior as the sophistication of combat, airplanes, tanks, ships, and space increased.  The amassing of the collection begin in 1945 and that effort continues to this day.

This treasure trove of artifacts demonstrates how materials science, engineering, biomedical/bioengineering and manufacturing disciplines work together to provide human protection in ever increasing hazardous threat environments such as warfare, fire, vehicle crashes, and weather to ensure that user can perform without (or minimum) injury and survive severe events.

Goal One

Goal one is to preserve and publically display warrior artifacts (priceless pieces) of social and military significance that clearly defines the chronological evolutional development and improvement in the protective levels of the life support equipment and apparel used by our veteran warriors.

Goal Two

Goal two is to remember the veteran warrior for standing between us and evil to preserve our freedoms.  To do this there is a price to be paid and sacrifices made.  Veterans served at the risk of their lives.  Their stories will be documented and preserved and shared.  Veterans will be part of HCMI family as they volunteer to serve as docents and as mentors for all that wish to see and hear first-hand from those who have made the sacrifice and survived to preserve the heritage of our country.  The goal is to make every day "Veterans Day" for veterans.

Goal Three

Goal three is to continue to provide the service of educating people of all age on American history using military artifacts that demonstrate our nation's innovations and industry in science, technology, engineering, math (medical) STEM-focused interaction.  The HCMI provides a forum through the "HCMI Education Center" whereby the experience of veterans can be shared with our younger generations so that kids can recognize pathways that can lead to success so they can become contributing members of the future of our country.  Education is the "open sesame" to a meaningful, enjoyable and comfortable lifestyle.  Kids have the opportunity of being exposed to and participating in HCMI youth clubs that focus on leadership, social skills, and though providing activities that are important tenets for adult life.  The HCMI issue is to share information so that kids have expanded information base of factual information that can be used in making choices and decision about merits of education.  Do they want to become part of the military in uniform of prepare themselves to participate by educating themselves to function as scientists, engineers, designers, doctors, nurses, computer geeks, etc.?  The foundation of the HCMI youth clubs would be in supporting our youth to becoming silent patriot contributors to the ever advancing and kids have the opportunity of being exposed to and participating in HCMI youth clubs that focus on leadership, social skills and through providing activities that are important tenets for adult life.  The HCMI objective is to share information so kids have an expanded information base of factual information that can be used in making choices and decision about the importance of education.  Do they want to become part of the mainstream society and possibly in the military or to prepare themselves to participate by pursuing and education?  The can become a scientist, engineer, designer, doctor, nurse, computer geek, etc. but it all is predicated on "EDUCATION"?  The foundation of the HCMI youth clubs is to have available a verity of active student clubs in the primary building display location.  The purpose is to involve kids in productive activities that foster social skills, elevates self-esteem, experiment team building situations that contribute to clear thinking that will of life-long benefit.

Goal Four

Goal four is to have a mobile (traveling) museum that will visit campus sites so that a greater number of our youth can have an opportunity to correlate the heritage of the era with the classroom textbook environment.  Such interactive can-do experiences have the potential to inspire, motivate and instill the desire for kids to want to earn a college education and to want to become a part of America's heritage future.  The travelling museum will also visit the assisted living facilities, boy/girl scout camp activities, veteran celebrations, community festivals, Ronal McDonald facilities, etc.

Goal Five

Goal five is to help kids find themselves: elevate self-esteem, improve education level, learn new social skills, fundamentals of leadership, expand their database with the goal of exciting them to want to get an education, to help them develop a path to achieve their dreams.  Initially, HCMI needs to partner via a vibrant community economic development program that would provide adequate space to display the HCMI collection.  This includes a commitment to a building footprint of a 6,000/10,000 sq. ft. facility (not including the traveling museum equipment and housing) for storage, inventory, and appraisal of the artifact collection with an adequate temporary display area to utilize the current 40 or so display cases that can be used to tour community leaders, deep pocket supporters, facility and museum design contractors, school kids tours, etc.


Realizing the costs to get this started will be significant HCMI has already accepted pledges of up to $100,000 for matching fund donations.  Efforts are in progress to open a donation initiative on the WEB page.  HCMI would need additional financial support.  HCMI recognized that it cannot survive on pedestrian traffic alone.  It can only exist through gifts, donations, and grants.  It will actively pursue the establishment of an endowment to sustain operations of the HCMI museum operations.

Help keep American History alive!

Your contributions help fund teaching the next generation about REAL American Heroes.
Qualifying contributions can even receive a gift!

The Purpose - Present - Future

The purpose of the museum is to recognize our warriors (present & past) and to provide an environment where their stories are told (recorded) so they can continue to contribute to the ongoing education of future generations.  Scientific innovations related to historical events are preserved so that younger generations can view tangible collections of national significance and learn about the scientific processes that have contributed to the greatness of the United States of America.  The goal of these initial collections is to preserve artifacts that can contribute factual information and also serve as a foundation base for continuous  expansion of scientific collections for posterity, fo research and educational purposes.

The museum artifacts are a means to represent the history that is an intricate aspect of our heritage which is generally not found in textbooks.  This history is generally not taught in school, so the history presented in the museum is to supplement/augment what is being presented in the classroom.  Viewing these artifacts can make history come alive, have meaning and actually be an interesting activity and a fun learning experience.  When light is shed on history, it becomes alive.  it is not dead!

In the future, the desire is to expand the permanent displays to a mobile museum.  The 18-wheeler can be taken to schools, hospitals for children, retirement centers, participate in community functions.  The school visits will make history presented by tangible artifacts, available to kids that normally would never see inside a museum.  It is the objective of the museum of letting the kids have an exciting experience and possible motivating them to want to pursue an education so they can have a good quality life and contribute to the future research and development of the equipment and apparel for the warrior.  These campus visits will be coordinated with site administrators so the mobile displays will relate to the classroom course work.  An IMAX theater will make a positive addition to the community and serve as an attraction for residents as well as tourists.  A planetarium will be used to excite all who attend, about the so-called mysteries of the stars.  This comprehensive plan can have a positive meaningful support fo the kids' educational development as they seek to seamlessly meld into mainstream society.


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