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Helping every American remember what sacrifices warriors have made while educating our children providing stepping stones to understanding the past.

What willbring to you?

Machines of war have a mystic fascination, but a machine never won a battle!  It is the warrior using the machine (airplane/tank/ship) that wins battles.  Even with all the futuristic "gear", the warrior remains "boots on the ground" that wins the way.  The American warrior, from the Minutemen who stood on Lexington Green in 1775 to the warrior in Afghanistan today is the one who has answered the call of duty and stands in harm's way in defense of the Nation's interest in maintaining our way of life in freedom and peace.  The first peace sign was and remains.

History can be viewed as a path to future success.  History can be the "stuff" that dreams are made of whether military equipment and apparel are your passion or just means of use by warriors, their history chronicles that of modern America.  HCMI has assembled one of the unique and great collections to share this marvelous story with the public and especially to your younger generations.  The museum is dedicated to the warrior and to educating kids about their extraordinary accomplishments.  The collector's spirit has been preserved in the precious artifacts for all to appreciate and enjoy.

What will you experience?


Artifacts and more...

Unique Artifacts

Journey through our collection of warrior equipment and clothing, such as knives and weapons.


Interactive experiences

Amazing experiences

Interact with exhibits such as our Replica Space Shuttle and immerse yourself in a realistic experience like none other.

Mobile Museum

A traveling museum

We're on the move

We'll bring the museum experience to schools, communities and more with an 18-wheeler equipped to educate!

Help keep American History alive!

Your contributions help fund teaching the next generation about REAL American Heroes.
Qualifying contributions can even receive a gift!

Explore a uniqueof warrior and hero artifacts

The STEM Evolution

What are the tolerance limits of the human body?  The injury tolerance limits of the human body are invariant and these limits needed to be precisely established as they constitute boundary conditions in the man/machine design.  The human body became an integral part of the design parameter as the man and machine considered as a single unit had to perform successfully, safely and harmoniously to carry out the demands of the mission.  The cost of a combat ready cadre now included the cost of the time to train the warrior in the use of expensive high technology (sophisticated) in addition to the potential time of care of the injured warrior.  These costs were coupled with the cost of the machine of war and total cost (man + machine) changed the attention level on the warrior survival aspect.  HCMI was part of the pioneer group during the period of change and artifacts are available to reflect the mindset during this transitional timeframe.

Interactive learningare on the way

Replica Space Shuttle

Currently owned by a U. S. based company dedicated to educating people of all ages about the importance of STEM as it pertains to space travel. Its mission is to inspire interest in aviation in general, and commercial space ventures in particular. This is accomplished through via this one-half-scale interactive mobile space shuttle exhibit.


The shuttle space craft exhibit is designed to accommodate 16 passengers for simulated launch experiences.

  • Infrared Operator

  • Radar Operator

  • Electrical Specialist

  • Full Spectrum Operator

  • Fuel Cell/Hydraulics Specialist

  • Satellite Observer

  • Propulsion Manager

  • Mechanical Arm Operator

  • Mechanical Specialist #2

  • Navigator

  • Environmental Officer

  • Meteorologist

  • Network Controller

  • Mission Control Manager

  • Communications Manager

  • Mechanical Specialist

We'll bring theto you!

The HCMI Mobile Museum

Our goal is to have a mobile (traveling) museum that will hat will visit campus sites so that a greater number of our youth can have an opportunity to correlate the heritage of the era with the classroom textbook environment. Such interactive can-do experiences have the potential to inspire, motivate and instill the desire for kids to want to earn a college education and to want to become a part of America's heritage future. The traveling museum will also visit the assisted living facilities, boy/girl scout camp activities, veteran celebrations, community festivals, Ronal McDonald facilities, etc.


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